Verite Producciones produces for Pandeportes and Culto Publicidad

Organizing a busy production agenda with tight delivery deadlines is one of Verite Producciones specialties. Producing PANDEPORTES Christmas message was exactly this. A creative idea that had to be produced in two days because the spot had to be aired after Mother’s Day (December 8 in Panama). And so we did, even counting with the unstable Panamanian december weather and a complex youthful athletes’ casting. The spot is the creation of Culto Publicidad and it’s Crative Director Andres Cicero, director and DoP Ricky Barria. In a nutshell the spot shows, Christmas seen thru the eyes of three young local sport heroes, their dedication and discipline: Carolena Cartans, Alonso Edwards and Roman Torres. You can watch the spot here.

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