Advertising Production

More than 20 years experience in the Central American and Panamanian advertising markets, with an ample portfolio of clients such as banks, breweries, telcos, foodstuff and retail. We excell in innovation and creativity in the use of the latest technologies.

Production Services

We offer the visiting producer, production services with bilingual personnel for production, casting, location scout, stylists, wardrobe, and catering to name a few. We also offer an ample line of production equipment from cameras (HD/Red/URSA/DSLR), genies, walkies, jibs and a full line of grip and lighting equipment.

Post Production Services

We are associated with Post3 Digital, one of the main postproduction facilities in panama, equipped with Final Cut and Adobe Premiere.

Multicamera HD OB truck

We offer versatile mobile production units, self contained and fully equipped to provide for all the needs of a remote television production. Closed circuit for imag, documentation, live transmissions, are just but a few of the many uses. See a complete listing of available equipment here.

Live Streaming via internet

Take advantage of the opportunity that improved internet connections allow for worldwide webcast of your event or production, utilizing state of the art encoders for streaming at a fraction of the cost of other live transmission options.

Satelite Uplink/Downlink

Verite Producciones now offers to its local and international clients a state of the art Satellite uplink/downlink service, providing live transmission from most anywhere in the isthmus to the world with a versatile flyaway pack. Be it just a news dispatch or a day-long conference, we will have you connected to the world via a trustworthy network of satellite service providers.

Time Lapse Photography for Industrial projects

Verite Producciones provides installation of self-contained, self-powere systems for the capture of images on a daily basis for long-term construction projects. The end product is a time-compressed video file that shows the evolution of a mega project in fast motion.

Stock Footage

Complete image archive of contemporary and 80’s panama. Land based and aerial shots of Panama City, the Panama Canal and rural areas of the country.

Presidential Prompter and Teleprompter

Complete prompting system to be used both for podium speaking, or thru the camera lens. Technical personnel is included.


As a complementary service to o ur CCTV/Media Pool/Imag services, Verite Producciones now offers modular LED Screens (P4, P6, P12 for corporate events, thru a collaboration with Screen+. The service includes not only the screens, but also design of your event, rigging, lighting, audio (PA) and personnel.
Screen+ Catalogue PDF

Law 16 offers incentives and benefits to the audiovisual industry

Established in april 2012, its main objective is to promote the development of the audiovisual and cinematographic industry, to protect and conserve the Panamanian audiovisual patrimony, stimulate the audiovisual culture and the establishment of a special statute that offers fiscal incentives and benefits to those involved in this activity.

In essence, law 16 is a compendium of articles that detail a series of benefits such as rebates and exemptions to foreign productions, and at the same time establishes the creation of a special fund to finance locally originated productions. Another great benefit of the new law is that all bureaucratic processes such as work permits, equipment importation and the like, are now handled in one government office (unique window) at the Ministerio de Comercio e Industrias (MICI).